Computed Tomographic Characteristics Of The Thyroid Glands In Eight Hyperthyroid Cats Pre- And Postmethimazole Treatment Compared With Seven Euthyroid Cats

Bush JL, Nemanic S, Gordon J, et al. Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound 2017;58:176-185.   Hyperthyroidism is the most common feline endocrinopathy; thyroid computed tomography (CT) may improve disease detection and methimazole dose selection. Objectives of this experimental pre-post with historical … Read More

Brain Infarction – Hemorrhagic

EtiologyHemorrhagic infarctions (otherwise known as intracerebral hemorrhage or cerebral bleed) are the result of spontaneous hemorrhage within the brain. Underlying conditions that predispose to hemorrhagic infarctions include hypertension, aneurysms and brain tumors. Hemorrhagic infarctions differ from nonhemorrhagic infarctions (otherwise called ischemic infarctions), … Read More

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