Rugby Makes it to 21!

Dr. Broome,
I wanted to say, the only patient I have brought you, my old cat Rugby, is still alive. He will be 21 human years old next month. He wouldn’t have made it this long, if not for the procedure to knock out his hyperactive thyroid with the Radioactive Iodine. It’s because of that he made it this long, and while creaky, is definitely still enjoying life……

While it was quite a drive for me, and I was worried about Rugby being alone away from home for that long, I felt I had to do this for him. I had another kitty in the past with this illness, and he had not done well on the medication. When I found out this procedure was available to me with Rugby, I knew that at the age Rugby was, this was the best option for him. I brought him in for treatment when he was 18, and I know he would not have made it this long without it. He came through it well, the sedate elder statesman that he is, and even though our routine was upset for a short time, he got past the post-procedure treatment and settled back in to normal life. Everything went very well for us at AVMI. He has since that time, once again become my nightly snuggle partner and seems content.
Thanks again for being there, for me and others who care about their animals.

Linda S.

Rugby Collage made by mom
Rugby Collage made by mom