Patinha looks healthier and happier all around

Hello Dr. Broome,
I wanted to let you know that Patinha had her 1 month follow up appointment with Dr. Wright on 2/5/2018.
As I observe her she is doing great – she is almost a different cat. She has gained 1 lb 2oz since her discharge date and is now 6lbs 2oz. She’s eating well, but no longer seeming desperate for food. She looks healthier and happier all around. Her sleeping, eating, and litter box habits seem to be normal. She does not seem to be in distress at all. She’s playing, running, and acting like a kitten at times.
Dr. Wright received the lab results today and forwarded them on for review. Her thyroid level (T4) is at the low end of the normal range, which seems like a good & expected result. Dr. Wright did note some concern around kidney function, so I will be interested to know your guidance on how to treat her and what her prognosis is.
Thank you again – I’m so thankful that Dr. Wright referred me to AVMI, and I have a happy & healthier 17 year old kitten as a result.