Over the years since we began treating hyperthyroid cats with radioiodine, the most common question we encounter is: how and where are the cats housed? In 1999, AVMI opened its doors to a new facility boasting a separate feline radiotherapy ward with large picture windows providing its occupants with a sense of separation from the activities in the rest of the facility while avoiding the claustrophobic conditions usually provided for cats undergoing this therapy. To ensure that the feline patients hospitalized for radioiodine therapy at AVMI enjoy a truly optimal experience, Synder Cat Cottages™ were installed. These spacious individual living quarters boast

  • Large, elevated shelves for cats to stretch out on
  • Cozy bedrooms for napping
  • Hide-a-ways for cats seeking the security of apparent isolation
  • A private adjoining bathroom that contains the patient's litter box and is equipped with its own exhaust fan ensuring an odor free environment

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My day at AVMI as chronicled by Pooh

AVMI Thyroid Camp …

AVMI Cat Cottage Layout

The AVMI cat cottages are set up in a consistent fashion that includes the placement of the dry food and water bowls as well as a place for the paper plate used to feed canned food.


A brief history of radioiodine therapy for feline hyperthyroidism at AVMI