1.) What was the most important factor in your decision to choose radioiodine (I-131) therapy for your cat?

[gf_chart_data type="pie" form_id="4" field_id="8" field_values="Cure vs. chronic management of disease,Long term cost savings,Referring veterinarian,Unable to administer medications, Other"]

2.) What was the most important factor in your decision to choose AVMI for your cat’s radioiodine (I-131) therapy?

[gf_chart_data type="pie" form_id="4" field_id="9" field_values="Cost, iCat web cams, Individualized radioiodine dosing, Referring veterinarian, Other"]

3.) When choosing radioiodine therapy, how important was the cost of the procedure?

[gf_chart_data type="pie" form_id="4" field_id="6" field_values="Extremely important, Very important, Moderately important, Slightly important, Not at all important"]

4.) How useful was the information on our web site?

[gf_chart_data type="pie" form_id="4" field_id="10" field_values="Extremely useful, Very useful, Moderately useful, Slightly useful, Not useful"]

5.) In what area(s) did we fail to meet your expectations?

[gf_chart_data type="pie" form_id="4" field_id="11" field_values="Front office staff, Technical staff, Professional staff, None, Other"]

6.) Overall Satisfaction – Please rank your overall satisfaction with our services

[gf_chart_data type="pie" form_id="4" field_id="3" field_values="Completely satisfied, Mostly satisfied, Moderately satisfied, Slightly satisfied, Unsatisfied"]