Effects of Cabergoline on Thyroid Hormones and Semen Quality of Dog

Mogheiseh A, Vara N, Ayaseh M, et al.

Top Companion Anim Med 2017;32:13-15.

In this study, the concentration of prolactin, FT4, and semen quality were investigated in 5 clinically healthy fertile mixed-breed dogs (1-3 years old) treated with cabergoline (5mug/kg) during 9 weeks. Semen analysis was performed for volume, live or dead, concentration, and motility factors every week. The results indicated that cabergoline administration caused a minor but significant reduction of the mean prolactin concentration (P < .05) and did not affect the secretion of FT4 (P > .05). Further, there was not a significant effect of cabergoline on semen quality, statistically. We could not find any relationship between prolactin and FT4 concentration and changes in semen characteristics.