Use Of Quantitative Hepatic Scintigraphy To Evaluate Spontaneous Portosystemic Shunts In 12 Dogs

Koblik PD, Hornof WJ, Breznock EM.

Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound 1983;24:232-236.

Quantitative hepatic scintigraphy is a valid means for estimating total liver blood flow and relative portal hepatic perfusion. The Hepatic perfusion index (HPI) was determined for a group of 12 dogs with portosystemic shunts prior to and two days after corrective surgery. HPI values for the dogs prior to operation were significantly elevated (p<0.001) as compared with those for a group of normal dogs, indicating reduced effective portal hepatic perfusion in dogs with shunts. Dogs showing a favorable clinical response after surgery had a significant decrease (p<0.02) in HPI values after operation. One dog showing a poor clinical response after operation had an increase in HPI score after operation. Quantitative hepatic scintigraphy is a valuable diagnostic test for screening presumptive cases of portosystemic shunts and monitoring the response to surgical intervention.