The Effects Of Regional Perineural Anesthesia On Soft Tissue And Bone Phase Scintigraphy In The Horse

Donald, Trout R, William, et al.

Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound 1991;32:140-144.

Soft tissue phase scintigrams were acquired from 7 normal horses before and over a 17-day period after palmar digital, abaxial sesamoid, low palmar and high palmar nerve blocks. Bone phase scintigrams were acquired from 4 additional horses prior to performing similar regional anesthesia and over a 14-day period postanesthesia. Images were evaluated subjectively and quantitatively for increased activity in nerve block regions. On soft tissue phase scintigrams, palmar digital and abaxial sesamoid blocks resulted in increases in activity which were relatively mild, of short duration, and subjectively had little or no effect on image interpretation. Low palmar and high palmar blocks resulted in obvious focal accumulation of activity during the soft tissue phase. Such increases in activity were usually greatest at 1 day postanesthesia and persisted up to 17 days postanesthesia. On bone phase scintigrams, abnormal accumulation of activity was not evident.