Scintigraphic Detection Of Subcutaneous Metastasis In A Dog With Appendicular Osteosarcoma

DANIEL GB, Avenell JS, Young K, et al.

Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound 1996;37:146-149.

This report describes the detection of subclinical soft tissue metastasis of an appendicular osteosarcoma in a dog using bone scintigraphy. A 7-year-old spayed female Rottweiler was presented with a biopsy confirmed diagnosis of osteosarcoma. Initial radiographs revealed an aggressive bone lesion of the left distal radius. At presentation, there was no clinical or radiographic evidence of metastasis; however, a nuclear bone scan showed the primary bone lesion of the distal left radius and numerous soft tissue lesions consistent with diffuse soft tissue metastases. A left foreleg amputation was performed and cisplatin chemotherapy was given post-operatively. A second bone scan performed one month following initial presentation showed progression in size and number of soft tissue masses. Many of the lesions had become apparent on physical exam and survey radiographs. Excisional biopsy was performed on one of the soft tissue masses and a diagnosis of metastatic osteosarcoma was made. The dog was euthanized 2 months after initial presentation at the owners request due to deterioration of the animals physical condition.