Radiographic diagnosis: cartilaginous exostoses in a dog

Silver GM, Bagley RS, Gavin PR, et al. 

Vet Radiol Ultrasound 2001;42:231-234.

A 6 month-old dog was examined for progressive paraparesis. On physical examination bony malformations were palpated over the cranial lumbar vertebral bodies and on the left metatarsal bone. Neuroanatomic lesion localization for the paraparesis was a T3-L3 spinal cord lesion. Radiographs confirmed bony masses at L1-L2 and on the left 3rd metatarsal bone. Magnetic resonance imaging was performed from T3-L3. Severe spinal cord compression was identified at L1-L2. Surgical decompression and biopsy confirmed the mass to be cartilaginous exostoses. This paper is an example of cartilaginous exostoses imaged with MR.