Magnetic resonance imaging of the normal equine brain

Arencibia A, Vazquez JM, Ramirez JA, et al. 

Vet Radiol Ultrasound 2001;42:405-409.

The purpose of this investigation was to define the magnetic resonance (MR) imaging appearance of the brain and associated structures of the equine head. MR images were acquired in oblique dorsal (T2-weighted), sagittal (T1-weighted), and transverse planes (T2-weighted), using a magnet of 1.5 Tesla and a human body coil. Relevant anatomic structures were identified and labeled at each level. The resulting images provided excellent anatomic detail of the cranioencephalic structures. Annotated MR images from this study are intended as a reference for clinical imaging studies of the equine head, specially in the diagnosis of brain diseases in the horse.