Magnetic resonance imaging of a medullary dermoid cyst with secondary hydrocephalus in a dog

Targett MP, McInnes E, Dennis R.

Vet Radiol Ultrasound 1999;40:23-26.

Magnetic resonance images were acquired of the brain of a 7-year-old male Golden Retriever with hydrocephalus secondary to a medullary lesion. Images were acquired prior to and 4 weeks following surgical treatment for the hydrocephalus, and the dog was euthanased following the second imaging session. The MR images demonstrated a medullary lesion with patchy but predominantly hyperintense signal with both T1- and T2-weighting, within which small areas of low signal were scattered. There was little edema associated with this lesion and no enhancement with gadolinium. Postmortem examination revealed the medullary mass to be a dermoid cyst. Several small nodular lesions were identified within the central nervous system on the magnetic resonance images whose origin was uncertain on postmortem examination.