Imaging Diagnosis—Magnetic Resonance Imaging Features Of Metastatic Cerebral Lymphoma In A Dog

Thomovsky SA, Packer RA, Burcham GN, et al.

Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound 2011;52:192-195.

We describe histopathologically confirmed intracranial metastasis of cutaneous lymphoma. In magnetic resonance (MR) images there was a heterogeneous, contrast-enhancing, extraaxial mass in the right parietal and piriform lobes at the level of the optic chiasm. Our MR imaging findings are consistent with reports in humans in that lymphoma masses have indistinct borders that are iso- to hyperintense relative to adjacent gray matter on T2-weighted images. Our report varies from findings in humans in that the mass was extraaxial, whereas masses reported in humans are intraaxial. Contrast enhancement can be heterogeneous, as in our report, or homogeneous.