Adrenal Neoplasia In Seven Ferrets

Neuwirth L, Isaza R, Bellah J, et al.

Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound 1993;34:340-346.

Medical records from 7 ferrets presented to the VMTH with histologically confirmed adrenal neoplasia were reviewed. Three neutered female ferrets had adrenal cortical adenoma; four ferrets (2 neutered females, 2 neutered males) had adrenal cortical carcinoma. Ultrasound identified unilateral enlargement or abnormal shape of the adrenal gland in all ferrets. Only 1 ferret had adrenomegaly on abdominal radiographs. Adrenomegaly was identified in 1 ferret by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). All ferrets were treated by adrenalectomy followed by a tapered dose of prednisone. Surgical complications were limited to fatal hemorrhage from the caudal vena cava in 1 ferret. Remission of clinical signs occurred in all 6 ferrets which survived surgery. The time of follow up varied from 3 to 16 months. The 3 ferrets with adrenal adenomas were still alive 3 to 7 months after surgery. AH 3 ferrets with adrenal carcinoma developed metastasis and were euthanized from 2 to 16 months after surgery.