Unilateral Extracapsular Thyroidectomy for a Non-Functional Cystic Thyroid Adenoma

Liptak J.M.

Australian Veterinary Practitioner, 1996. 26: p.174-177.


This case report describesa non-functional cystic thyroid adenomain an 1l-year-old, female Siamese.The cat presentedwith a right-sided ventral cervical swelling. Serial serumthyroxine analysis over a l2-month period revealed a euthyroid state. A modified extracapsular thyroidectomy was performed as the cat developed an

intermittent cough suspected to originate from extraluminal laryngeal compressionby the thyroid mass.A cystic thyroid adenomawas diagnosed on histopathological examination. The cat has not developed evidence of thyrotoxicosis24 monthspost-operatively.