The Normal Feline Thyroid Technetium Pertechnetate Imaging and Determination of Thyroid to Salivary Gland Radioactivity Ratios in 10 Normal Cats

Beck K.A., Hornof W.J. and Feldman E.C.

Vet Rad & Ultrasound, 1985. 26(1): p.35-38.


A technique for performing thyroid scintigrapy in the cat using technetium 99m pertechnetate is presented. Two groups of cats were studied: group I-five young adult cats, and group I1 -five cats, nine to 11 years of age. The resultant scintigrams were uniform in appearance with no significant differences between groups I and 11. Computer analysis was performed to determine radioactivity ratios, comparing thyroid with salivary gland and background radioactivity. A consistent thyroidlsalivary ratio (TIS) of approximately 1 was obtained for group I and group 11. Thyroidlbackground ratio (TIB) was variable.