Serum Fructosamine Concentrations in Hyperthyroid Cats

Graham P.A., Mooney C.T. and Murray M.

Res Vet Sci, 1999. 67(2): p.171-5.


Serum fructosamine concentrations were measured in 35 healthy cats and in 30 hyperthyroid cats before and 30 days after curative radioiodine ((131)I) treatment. Hyperthyroid cats were divided into those with 30 day post-treatment total thyroxine (T4) concentrations within (EuT4) or below (HypoT4) the reference range. The median (semi-interquartile range, SIR) fructosamine concentration was significantly lower in hyperthyroid compared with healthy cats (295. 0 (18.5) micromol l(-1)) both before (254.0 (27.6) micromol l(-1)) and after (268.5 (28.0) micromol l(-1)) treatment (P < 0.001 in each case). (131)I therapy was associated with increases in serum fructosamine (mean increase 20.4 micromol l(-1), P = 0.039) and total protein (6.3 g l(-1), P < 0.002) in the HypoT4 group and in globulin concentration in both EuT4 (5.9 g l(-), P < 0.002) and HypoT4 (5.2 g l(-1), P = 0.023) groups. There were no direct relationships between the observed elevations in fructosamine concentration and those in total protein or globulin concentrations suggesting that the effect may be due to reduced rates of protein turnover. Reduced values may need to be considered when interpreting serum fructosamine concentrations for monitoring the degree of glycaemic control in diabetic cats with concurrent hyperthyroidism.