Secondary Hypothyroidism Following Head Trauma in a Cat

Mellanby R.J., Jeffery N.D., Gopal M.S., et al.

J Feline Med Surg, 2005. 7(2): p.135-9.


An 18-month-old female neutered domestic short hair cat was examined because of marked polydipsia and stunted growth following head trauma when it was 8 weeks old. Diagnostic evaluation revealed hyposthenuric urine, low concentrations of thyroid hormone and undetectable thyroid stimulating hormone concentrations which did not rise following thyroid releasing hormone administration. Lateral radiographs of the left and right tibiae revealed incomplete mineralisation of the greater tubercle and open physis. An almost empty sella turcica and a greatly reduced pituitary were visible on magnetic resonance images of the brain. A presumptive diagnosis of secondary hypothyroidism and central diabetes insipidus following head trauma was made.