Quantitative Thyroid Scintigraphy as a Predictor of Serum Thyroxin Concentration in Normal and Hyperthyroid Cats

Daniel G.B., Sharp D.S., Nieckarz J.A., et al.

Vet Radiol Ultrasound, 2002. 43(4): p.374-82.


Quantitative thyroid scintigraphy using pertechnetate was performed in 43 cats with various T4 concentrations and compared to eight normal control cats. Quantitative parameters included percentage dose uptake of the radioisotope by the thyroid, thyroid:salivary ratio and rate of thyroid uptake. All cats were anesthetized for the scan, and images were obtained using both low-energy all purpose (LEAP) and pinhole collimators. All quantitative parameters were significantly correlated to the serum T4 concentration, but the best correlation was obtained using the 20-minute thyroid:salivary ratio using only the most intense of the two thyroid lobes. The thyroid:salivary ratio was a good predictor of the metabolic status of the thyroid.