Functional Analysis of Ectopic Parathyroid Activity in Cats

Flanders J.A., Neth S., Erb H.N., et al.

Am J Vet Res, 1991. 52(8): p.1336-40.


The ability of ectopic parathyroid tissue to support calcium homeostasis was evaluated by measuring serum concentrations of calcium, phosphorus, albumin, magnesium, and parathyroid hormone before and for 12 weeks after bilateral thyroparathyroidectomy in 14 cats. During the immediate postoperative period, significant decrease was observed in serum calcium, magnesium, and parathyroid hormone (PTH) concentrations. Serum PTH concentration remained subnormal and did not significantly increase during the 12-week observation period. Despite persistent hypoparathyroidism, serum calcium and magnesium concentrations gradually increased. Ectopic parathyroid tissue is not capable of maintaining normal serum calcium concentration immediately after thyroparathyroidectomy. Serum calcium concentration gradually normalizes after thyroparathyroidectomy, apparently by means of a PTH-independent mechanism.