Feline Thyroid Adenomas Are in Part Associated with Mutations in the G(S Alpha) Gene and Not with Polymorphisms Found in the Thyrotropin Receptor

Peeters M.E., Timmermans-Sprang E.P. and Mol J.A.

Thyroid, 2002. 12(7): p.571-5.


The etiopathogenesis of feline thyrotoxicosis is unknown. The transmembrane part (gene codons 480-640) of the thyrotropin receptor (TSHR) gene of hyperthyroid cats has already been investigated for the presence of stimulating mutations. No mutations were found in this part of the TSHR gene. We have investigated the TSHR gene codons 66-530 for gene mutations in 10 hyperthyroid cats and in 1 euthyroid cat. This part of the TSHR gene encodes the transmembrane part as well as most of the extracellular part of the receptor. The G(s alpha) gene of these cats was also sequenced and subjected to mutational analysis. Although our study revealed a polymorphism in the TSHR gene, no association was found with tumor formation. In 4 of 10 cats with hyperthyroidism a G(s alpha) gene mutation was found. This work suggests that mutations in the extracellular or transmembrane part of the TSHR gene are not likely the cause of feline hyperthyroidism. Mutations in the G(s alpha) gene, however, may play a role in the etiopathogenesis of this disease.