Concurrent Diseases in Hyperthyroid Cats Undergoing Assessment Prior to Radioiodine Treatment

Puig J., Cattin I. and Seth M.

J Feline Med Surg, 2015. 17(6): p.537-42.


Hyperthyroidism is a common endocrinopathy of geriatric cats, which are also prone to various other diseases. This retrospective study examined the prevalence and type of non-renal concurrent diseases present in cats referred for radioiodine assessment that were believed to have no other comorbidities at the time of referral. Ninety-four cats were included and analysed. Seventeen cases (18%) were identified as having concurrent disorders, with alimentary lymphoma (n = 5) and chronic enteropathy (n = 4) as the two most common comorbid diseases. The eosinophil count, total bilirubin and total calcium were significantly higher in the concurrent disease group, although the differences are unlikely to be clinically useful. The results support the utility of careful and individual assessment for all hyperthyroid cats prior to receiving radioiodine.