Rapid prototyping to design a customized locking plate for pancarpal arthrodesis in a giant breed dog

Petazzoni M, Nicetto T.

Vet Comp Orthop Traumatol 2014;27:85-89.

This report describes the treatment of traumatic carpal hyperextension in a giant breed dog by pancarpal arthrodesis using a custom-made Fixin locking plate, created with the aid of a three-dimensional plastic model of the bones of the antebrachium produced by rapid prototyping technology. A three-year-old 104 kg male Mastiff dog was admitted for treatment of carpal hyperextension injury. After diagnosis of carpal instability, surgery was recommended. Computed tomography images were used to create a life-size three-dimensional plastic model of the forelimb. The model was used as the basis for constructing a customized 12-hole Fixin locking plate. The plate was used to attain successful pancarpal arthrodesis in the animal. Radiographic examination after 74 and 140 days revealed signs of osseous union of the arthrodesis. Further clinical and radiographic follow-up examination three years later did not reveal any changes in implant position or complications.