Post-operative computed tomography in two dogs with cerebral meningioma

Bergman R, Jones J, Lanz O, et al.

Vet Radiol Ultrasound 2000;41:425-432.

Post-operative computed tomography (CT) has been described as a technique for diagnosing incomplete resection or recurrence of cerebral neoplasms in humans. The characteristics of immediate postoperative CT images in dogs with intracranial pathology are unknown. This report describes findings from preoperative, immediate post-operative, and 4 week to 9 month follow-up CT examinations in two dogs with histologically-confirmed cerebral meningiomas. In images of one dog after surgery there was mild contrast enhancement of the tissue surrounding the surgical site. This enhancement had resolved in later images and was probably the result of surgically induced trauma. In post operative images of the other dog there was significant hyperattenuation of the tissues around the surgical site. In post contrast images there was increased enhancement that was evident in later images. These findings, although not supported by necropsy, probably indicate incomplete excision of the tumor.