Magnetic resonance imaging of otitis media in a dog

Dvir E, Kirberger RM, Terblanche AG.

Vet Radiol Ultrasound 2000;41:46-49.

Otitis media/interna was diagnosed in a 20-month-old German shepherd with the assistance of magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. The MR images were acquired primarily to exclude a brain lesion responsible for vestibular signs. No brain lesion was detected, but obvious signs of chronic changes in the left bulla and external ear canal were confirmed. Thickening of the epithelium and soft tissue surrounding the external ear canal and a laminated appearance of high and low T2 intensities in the tympanic bulla’s mucosa were present. The hypointense lines were suspected to be fibrous tissue, indicating chronic changes. This report suggests that MR imaging may serve as a useful imaging tool for otitis media and that it supplies information not obtained with radiography or computed tomography.