Haemangiosarcoma in the uterine remnant of a spayed female dog

Wenzlow N, Tivers MS, Selmic LE, et al.

J Small Anim Pract 2009;50:488-491.

A 11-year-old, female, spayed greyhound was presented with a haemorrhagic discharge from the vulva. Clinical examination, vaginoscopy and a computed tomography scan showed an irregular egg-sized mass in the region of the cervix and uterine stump. An endoscopic grab biopsy (incisional) suggested a malignant mesenchymal tumour. Following this, surgical excision of the cranial vagina, cervix and the uterine remnant was performed. The final diagnosis of haemangiosarcoma was based on histological examination of the larger excisional biopsy specimen and was confirmed by positive immunolabelling of the neoplastic endothelial cells for the von Willebrand factor.