Femoral neuropathy in a dog with iliopsoas muscle injury

Stepnik MW, Olby N, Thompson RR, et al.

Vet Surg 2006;35:186-190.

OBJECTIVE: To report femoral nerve dysfunction caused by focal iliopsoas muscle injury and treated by performing tenectomy of the muscle insertion. STUDY DESIGN: Case report. ANIMALS: A 4-year-old, castrated male, English Mastiff. RESULTS: Iliopsoas muscle injury caused femoral nerve deficits and severe pain. Focal injury was not detected by ultrasonography or computed tomography but was visible on magnetic resonance (MRI) images. Tenectomy of the insertion of the iliopsoas muscle relieved signs of pain. CONCLUSIONS: Femoral nerve dysfunction may occur with iliopsoas muscle injury. CLINICAL RELEVANCE: Iliopsoas muscle injury should be considered in patients with hip pain and MRI is a useful test for diagnosis. Tenectomy may be indicated for relief of chronic iliopsoas muscle pain.