Computed tomography of cholesterinic granulomas in the choroid plexus of horses

Vink-Nooteboom M, Junker K, van den Ingh TS, et al.

Vet Radiol Ultrasound 1998;39:512-516.

Cholesterinic granulomas are tumor-like masses in the choroid plexuses of horses. This report describes the computed tomographic findings in four horses with cholesterinic granulomas, including the clinical and the pathologic features. All four horses had bilateral cholesterinic granulomas in the lateral ventricles. Computed tomographic images clearly delineated the masses, the opacity of the granulomas, and the enhancement pattern after intravenous bolus injection of contrast medium; these factors varied considerably. Additional CT findings were symmetric or asymmetric widening of the lateral ventricles.