Dippity doo 2 years later!

“Dippity Doo…Treatment was on October 7, 2012….still enjoying the good life!! Thank you Dr. Broome and staff!!”1st day of her stay October 2012 back home 2014

Toothless’ success story

Toothless is a 5 month old pit bull referred to us from Veterinary Surgical Specialist after he was attacked by another dog at the age of 2 months. The dog bite caused a significant bone fracture involving the zygomatic arch … Read More

Rusty: 3 years after I-131 Therapy

“Dear Dr Broome, Rusty is just getting better with age,He is vintage at this point,thanks to you,your team,and my love of course! wanted to update you,because of the fact that he is sooooooo Happy -Diana”settling in his condocozy on his … Read More

Holly: 1 year after I-131 Therapy

Holly’s mom send us a nice card and picture of Holly now. It’s a great example of the huge difference a cure makes to a hyperthyroid cat. “Dr. Broome, I would like to thank you and your staff for the … Read More

Stuart: 1 year after I-131 therapy

Stuart’s first day“I can’t thank you and your staff enough for the wonderful care and continued concern for my big boy Stuart.  Stuart is doing amazing and seems to be just about back to himself, though he never really showed any … Read More

Lily & Rose: Double success after
I-131 Therapy

“Lily & Rose were treated for thyroid tumors; Lily in the spring and Rose in November. Lily is doing well and Rose passed her 30 day check-up with flying colors. Thank you for your loving care. I’ve attached a picture … Read More

Size matters: Tiger MRI

When Dr. Jennifer Conrad needed to have an MRI performed on one of her patients, she knew just who to call. She picked up her phone and dialed the number for AVMI. While there are hundreds of diagnostic imaging facilities … Read More

Kiddie made it home for Christmas

Kiddie on the boat with her familyGreetings Dr. Broome, You treated Kiddie – shown above, in July 2006. At the time she was about 17 years old, weighed in at around 7.5 lbs. , was weak, depressed, lethargic and sick … Read More

Sachiko’s Story: CT Scan

Sachiko is a 1 year old female spayed Alaskan Husky dog hit by a car after jumping from the bed of her owner’s pick up truck while traveling on the freeway. CT evaluation of the pelvis and proximal pelvic limbs … Read More

Rugby Makes it to 21!

Dr. Broome, I wanted to say, the only patient I have brought you, my old cat Rugby, is still alive. He will be 21 human years old next month. He wouldn’t have made it this long, if not for the … Read More

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