Imaging: Radiography-II

Barber D. Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound 1981;22:149-158. In this paper an overview of principles involved in radiographic imaging by tomography, magnification radiography, xeroradiography, and computed tomography is presented. Tomography is a method to selectively blur distracting superimposed shadows while maintaining … Read More

Unilateral thyroid neoplasm in a cat

O’Brien SE, Riley JH, Hagemoser WA. Vet Rec 1980;107:199-200. An aged cat with a thyroid neoplasm showed clinical signs and had laboratory data and post mortem findings similar to those observed in human and canine patients afflicted with hyperthyroidism. Because … Read More

Computed Tomography Of Spontaneous Canine Neoplasms

Marincek B, Young SW. Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound 1980;21:181-184. Five spontaneous extracranial canine neoplasms studied by a computed tomography whole body scanner are presented: an undifferentiated sarcoma of the scapula, a mast cell sarcoma of the hip, a mast cell … Read More

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